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Book Recommendations for Kids

Book Recommendations for Kids

We know that it’s incredibly important for kids to read, so LitVox for kids has set out to get as many kids reading as possible. Studies show that kids who read are more imaginative, happier and are better problem-solvers than kids who don’t. However, with phones, tablets and TV all competing for our kids’ attention, the joy of reading for its own sake is unfortunately lost to many kids.

At LitVox, we aim to change that. So whether your child is already a dedicated bookworm or you’re just hoping to finally move on from Harry Potter, we’re here to help. We believe that the best way to get kids reading is to give them books based on what they already love. Our children’s team has experience in a range of bookshops, and has been recommending books for kids for years now. We also sell a range of beautiful cards, gifts and prints for kids.

Just fill out the fields below, hit send, and we’ll do the rest!

At LitVox, our kids’ team has years of experience recommending books for children. Whether you’re looking for baby’s first board books or gifts for tricky-to-buy-for teens, we promise we can help.

Years of working in the kids’ sections of bookshops have taught us that if you want kids to read, you need to appeal to their interests. And kids can be fussy!! So book recommendations for kids are here to make it a whole lot easier. Just tell us a little bit about who you’re buying for using the form below and we’ll do the rest. 

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Finally, don't forget that if you're happy with your recommendations, LitVox can gather together any items you choose and send them anywhere you wish. We can even gift-wrap them and hand write a personal greetings card for you! Would you be interested in this service?

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