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Reading about the lives of others can be a hugely important act. A good biography stirs empathy and reminds us of our common humanity. From brilliant historical biographies to modern tales of glamour, from sports stories to the lives of our greatest artists and musicians, there’s something for everyone here at LitVox.

We’re an Irish Bookshop first and foremost, so you’ll also find an extensive range of Irish biographies here too. And, as always, if you don’t see the biography you’re looking for in our online bookshop, get in touch with us! We love helping our customers find any book they’re looking for, and we’re damn good at it too.

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Money Men by Dan McCrum

‘A rollercoaster read that reveals everything that’s wrong with our financial system’  – Catherine Belton

Now adapted as the Netflix documentary Skandal!, this is the stranger-than-fiction story of Wirecard, once a $30 billion tech darling, now a smouldering wreck, by the journalist who brought it crashing down – perfect for those who loved Bad Blood and Empire of Pain.

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