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Welcome to our children's hobbies and interests page!

Almost everyone has a favourite non-fiction book from their childhood. Be it a book about dinosaurs, a guide to the solar system, a football encyclopedia or a kids cookery book, discovering what excites children at an early age shows us a window into the wonderful adults they’ll one day become. The fantastic news is that publishing for kids of all tastes and interests has never been stronger. No matter what your kid tick, our children’s hobbies and interests page has something for everyone.

Need a little inspiration? Or are you searching for a gift, and not sure where to start? Our children’s bookselling team offer a detailed and highly personalised recommendations service. It’s quick, easy, and totally free. Try it out here. 

Our Children’s book team is headed up by Mary Esther Judy, probably the greatest kids’ bookseller in the world. Her incredible insights and reviews of kids books can be found at Fallen Star Stories. Check it out!

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