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We’ve finally made it through the never-ending month that is January! Now that the mythical payday has arrived again, it is definitely time to treat yourself to some new books! As we do every month, we’ve gathered together our favourites in the hope of you finding your favourites! 

Fiction book of the month

Grace Bernard is in prison for a murder that she didn’t commit. That’s not to say she hasn’t committed murder, in fact she’s killed six people, but this particular murder was not her doing.

She’s more disappointed no one will ever know how she pulled off her complex plan than the fact she was caught. 

Told in first person, Grace leads the reader through the dark but funny tale of how she calmly killed six members of her family. And she would have happily walked away without a shread of guilt!

Full of dark humour, this book is wildly entertaining. It’s witty, subversive and might have you rooting for a serial killer. Perfect for fans of Killing Eve! 

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On their honeymoon in an exclusive resort, Jane and William recieve a terrifying note warning them to “Beware of the couple at the table nearest to yours.”

Only with five other couples present and none of them sitting any closer or farther away than others. Ignoring the note as meaningless, Jane ignores it. But someone will be dead by breakfast, and there will be no evidence to tie anyone to the crime. 

This is a complex murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. Although be warned at times the mystery can get a little confusing. We did have to pause our reading sometimes to try and figure out what exactly was going on. Overall though, it is reminicnt of Agatha Christie at her best, and we loved every suspenseful minute! 

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Children's Book of the month

The Light in Everything by Katya Balen

Tom and Zofia are different in everyway. Tom is shy and quiet, still devastated by his dad’s death. Zofia is loud and angry, desperate for everything to go her way.  And she does not want stupid, quiet Tom in her life!

Tom doesn’t like Zofia much either. He’s not thrilled about having to move into her house, or the fact his mum and her dad are having a baby! 

Neither of them want the baby to exist, and when Tom’s mum gets sick, it looks like that might come true. 

A gorgeously crafted story of blended families and learning to trust again. Told from both Tom and Zofia’s perspective, this book captures the pain and hurt of both children, allowing the reader to be immersed in their story. The characterisation is perfect, leaving the reader feeling real empathy for both characters and their struggle against their changing lives. A truly wonderful for kids and adults alike! 

Non-Fiction book of the month

Butler to the World reveals how the UK took up its position at the elbow of the worst people on Earth. With few countries doing more to frustrate global anti-corruption efforts, this novel takes a no nonsense approach to how Britain became the safe for place for tycoons, tax dodgers, and criminals. 

Exploring the history of Britain and how they help oligarchs, kleptocrats and gangsters to build tax haven’s and launder money, Bullough builds a picture of econmic crime that is startling in its complexity. 

With well written arguments and seventy years of history, this book is at times shocking, funny, and eye opening. 

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