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How to Decide Your Next Book

If you read our article on The Myth of the TBR Pile, you know that we understand how difficult it can be to decide what to read next! Especially if it’s not on your TBR pile and you are choosing a new book from the vast and wonderful network of books out there. It can feel impossible to make a decision so we’re here to help you with your next book choice, and hopefully help you find a new favourite! 

Podcasts, Blogs, and Famous People

There are so many wonderful book podcasts with brilliant advice on not only new books but books you may have missed. Online book clubs have become a favourite of the rich and famous and they have some wonderful recommendations as well. Reese Witherspoon is one example of a great resource for discovering new books. And of course, we have so many articles about books worth reading! You can find them all here!

Read Your Favourites

This might seem obvious but reading what you enjoy will spark more interest that slogging your way through the newest literary masterpiece. Even if everyone is raving about it. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. And your favourite can mean anything: favourite author, genre, time period, or even  troupe.

Enjoying fake dating stories? Find as many as you can! Read the last five books from a certain author and feeling bad about not branching out? Pfft! If you’re enjoying their writing, keep on enjoying their writing! Loving fantasy and only fantasy? There are so many amazing, wonderful fantasy stories to get stuck into! If you’re going to enjoy reading it, then read it! Simple as that! 

Mood is Important Too

How you’ew currently feel is important. Notice if you’re getting bored of that troupe before it makes you put down the book and stall about picking up another one. Don’t keep reading fantasy if you’re actually in the mood for some sweetly done romance, or a political thriller. Recognising what you’re in the mood for will make it easier to choose your next book! 

TV Shows, Movies and Streaming Services

A great way to find new books is choosing shows or movies that you’ve loved that are adapted from books. If you especially enjoyed a show, it can be fun to read the book and get a more indepth understanding of the characters and world. But this can also be used the other way. Unsure about reading a book? Check out the film adaptation and see what you think. If you enjoy it, you can always go read the book after! 

Join a bookclub

This might only be for the extroverts out there but joining a book club can introduce you to books you would never have even considered reading. There are loads online as well for people who can’t easily leave the house or who are too busy to make in person meetings on time. You can find them across all social medias and in variety of genres and interests. 

Choosing your next book can seem ovewhelming when faced with the amazing amount of brilliant books there are to read. And if you’re still living in the world of your last story that can make it even harder. Let yourself enjoy your book hangover, figure out what you’re in the mood form and then decide what you want to read next! 

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