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January usually means nights in as we recover from the excesses of Christmas, and what a better way to start the new year and entertain yourself on those dark and deary night than to read some books! 

We’ve picked our favourite books this month to keep you entertained until the sun comes out again! 

Fiction book of the month

Elsie Porter isn’t expecting to fall in love. She isn’t expecting to elope after six months. And she definitely doesn’t expect her new husband to die nine days after they’ve eloped.

When Elsie arrives at the hospital, her mother-in-law, Susan, had gotten there first. And she had no idea Elsie even existed. Telling the story of Ben and Elsie’s love and the after effects, as Elsie and Susan attempt to heal from the loss, this book is emotional without being maudlin, heart-wrenching and tear inducing. (Seriously, have the tissues close at hand!)

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Crime book of the month

Fast paced and action packed, The Match is an incredible follow on from The Boy from the Woods! Harlan Coben is a masterclass in suspense and this novel does not let the reader down! 

The story follows Wilde as he searches for the truth about who he is and where he comes from. All the while, he is searching for a serial killer who is deadset on stopping a secret group trying to expose anonymous online trolls. 

Found living in the wild as a child, Wilde knows nothing of where he comes from or who his family is. He knows nothing of how he came to be living feral in the Rampo mountains of New Jersey. But with a match found on an online ancestry database, Wilde finally has somewhere to start searching. 

When his relative disappears as quickly as he is found, Wilde is caught up in discovering the identity of a serial killer who is killing a secret community doxxing trolls. Racing against the clock, Wilde must solve the case because the next victim might be himself!  

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Jacqueline Wilson shaped many, many childhoods. Ours included. She has had a phenomenal career with so many chidhood favourites, and we’re so excited every time she releases a new book!

Inspired by E. Nesbit’s timeless classic, The Primrose Railway Children is Wilson’s newest book. As her books always do, it captures the complexities of family life, of being a child, and the joy of new adventure. 

When Phoebe Robinson beloved dad disappears, her mam moves her and her two siblings, Perry and Becks, to a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. It is an isolating existence until they discover the incredible steam trains at the railway station. But even with all this adventure, Phoebe can’t help but worry about her dad, and what exactly it is her mam is hiding!

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Non-Fiction book of the month

It’s the new year and with it comes the oppurtunity to take control of your life! Over the last few years especially burn out has been at an all time high, not that anyone can blame us, while we all try to balance work and family with friends and hobbies. Not even mentioning the dreaded pandemic. 

Four Thousand Hours focuses on embracing limitations instead of trying to do it all. It teaches readers how to prioritise, how to create a meaningful life, and how to enjoy the four thousand weeks we will spend on this planet. It questions hustle culture, the cult of productivity, the ever lengtheningto-do lists, overflowing inboxes and distracted attention spans. 

Hopeful, interesting and deeply realistic, Four Thousand Hours will help you reprioritise and focus on what is really important to you during this brief time on our planet! 

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