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Our Books of the Month this November are an eclectic mix of tales from helping your son heal through nature, murder on a boat, finding the entrance to Tir na nOg, and recovering from the death of your child. 

Stories for everyone on these cold November nights! 

Fiction book of the month

Claustrophobic, at times almost suffocating, but with writing that is poetic, Bewilderment tells the story of Theo Byrne. He is raising his son, Robin, alone after his wife dies in a car crash. When Robin is almost expelled after hitting his friend in the face with a thermos, Theo has to do something. He refuses to put Robin on a cocktail on drugs when his brain is still forming. Instead he takes him on a journey through the wilderness, through his mothers recorded mind, and through nature itself. 

The novel is beautifully written, and deals with one of the toughest questions parents are faced with today: how to discuss the planet’s current enviornmental problems with their children. Written through the lens of a father-son relationship, the story world is made more believable by the almost claustraphobic fear that facing the destruction of your planet can create. A novel that is well worth the read!  

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Crime book of the month

Our Crime Book of the Month is A Fatal Crossing in which the Endeavour sets sail in November 1924 with 2,000 passengers and a killer on board!

When a body is found at the foot of a staircase, James Temple, an inspector with Scotland Yard, refuses to let ship’s officer Timothy Birch declare it an accident. Certain that it is murder, Temple and Birch have just days to catch the killer. But even as they search, the killer is free to roam the ship in search of other victims! 

With hints of Agatha Christy, and a twist you won’t see coming, Hindle builds up a storyworld that is tense, intriguing and impossible to out down. 

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Children's Book of the month

Oozing with Irish folklore and writing that is just beautiful, The Lost Girl King is a gorgeous book that any young (or older) bookworm will love! A brilliant story of adventure and courage, this novel was an easy pick for Chlidren’s Book of the Month.

Visiting their Gran’s house in Connemara, Amy and Liam Bell discover a secret world through a waterfall! Only when they enter Tir na nOg do they realise they’ve been tricked by the ruling sorcerer of the land. Seeking bones of a human child for a spell, Liam is captured and taken to Tarlock. 

Amy sets off to save her brother, managing to rally the kingdom around her as she does! Wth vivid worldbuilding, humour, and epic storytelling, this book is definitely worth the read! 

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Non-Fiction book of the month

Searingly honest and emotionally devastating, Rob Delaney talks about losing his young son and what life means after such an unbeliveable loss. 

Starting at Henry’s birth, it tells the story of his illness, his diagnosis and his death. Capturing the small moments of grief, the strenght taken from the support of family members and showing the way grief makes us dismissive and cruel, kind and loving, A Heart That Works is a book that shows the human condition at its best and the type of loss most of us shy away from.

An incredibly moving story that is worth every moment reading it! 

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