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With Autumn is full flourish, with leaves to crunch and darkening skies to watch, we have gathered together out favourite books this month to help you wile away the shorter evenings! 

Fiction book of the month

Told over twenty-four hours and fifty years, The Paper Palace follows Elle Bishop as she tries to make the momentous decision between her husband, and the life they have created together, and her childhood love, and the life they could have had if not for a terrible tradegy driving them apart years before. 

As the story unfolds, and with it the lies, secrets and an unspoken, almost unspeakable, childhood incident, Elle sits on the crossroads of a life-changing decision, and must decide one way or the other. 

Tender yet devastating, The Paper Palace is a masterful novel that brilliantly illuminates the tensions between desire and safety; the legacy of tragedy, and the crimes and misdemeanours of families.

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Crime book of the month

Who doesn’t love Paris? The Eiffel Tower, the busy banks of the Seine, and the beautiful architectures everywhere you look?

The Paris Apartment captures all of this in its gorgoursly written pages about an apartment block with a murder and a host of beautiful but mysterious charaters.

Foley’s book is a classic whodunnit that is claustaphobic and terrifying through a combination of its characters and its settings. Beautifully written, it will hook you in until the very last page.

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The Strange Tales of Barnabus Kwerk is our Children’sBook of the month, and what a gorgeous, beautifully illustrated book it is!

Barnabus Kwerk is our young protaganist in this brilliant middle grade book. He lives in the biggest, fanciest house in Undle with his dearfully rich and dreadful family.

Wanting to escape their awfulness seems impossible when he’s trapped in the attic bedroom of his house. When Aunt Jemima arrives, it changes everything. She brings him on an amazing adventure right into the centre of the Earth. 

But when every adventure comes with danger, how is Barnabus going to survive?

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Non-Fiction book of the month

Gaffs examines the Irish housing market, and shows us how we got here, who’s to blame and how it could get better. Written by Maynnoth University assistant professor of social policy, Rory Hearne, it examines the Irish housing market in a way that makes it both an interesting and a frustrating read. 

It helps us to looks behind the statistics, behind the headlines and doomscrolling, and gives us a pathway towards a future where everyone has access to a home. Although at times it lacks the context for some of the actions politictians have taken, overall it is a clear, concise and interesting book that is well worth the read! 

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