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Picture Books for Summer!

by Mary Esther Judy

Picture Books for Summer!

Summer is here! While we’re bustling around outside, whether at home or on a staycation, we need a way to unwind from the summer heat. But we still need to have an adventure or two, especially those busy kids!

What the little ones need to help them cool off is….some new picture books for Summer! Mysterious lakes, crazy chickens, oceans full of sharks, a screen thief and more await in these wonderful stories to share…

The Vanishing Lake by Paddy Donnelly

As Granddads’ car winds its’ way through the countryside around Lake Loughareema, Meara stares out the window, watching and pondering. Most of the time, it’s a pretty ordinary lake.

But every once in a while, for whatever reason…it vanishes. Overnight…the whole thing is just gone! Meara asks Granddad where it went. And every time, he has a different answer. Meara must find out! This tale full of wonder wraps us in a warm blanket of love and sprinkles delight everywhere.

A story filled with awe, the magic of nature, curiosity and joy.

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The Screen Thief by Helen Docherty and Tom Docherty

When the little Snaffle arrives in the city, she only wants someone to play with! Everyone is too busy staring at their screens to notice her. What makes these screens so special? Is there magic inside them? Then the Snaffle hears a BEEP nearby. It’s  somebodys’ phone!

When the Snaffle picks it up, she discovers that she loves screens, too…as a snack! The Snaffle darts through the city munching all the screens she can find. But when her tummy is full, the Snaffle still feels empty somehow. And that’s when the trouble…and the fun really begins!

A timely, utterly wonderful story; bubbly, bouncy and filled with heart. You can pick up a copy from the LitVox children’s bookshop.

Catch That Chicken!  by Atinuke; illustrated by Angela Brooksbank

Lami loves chickens! She is the best chicken catcher in the village. Lami is fast. She is brave and bold and chases the chickens through the bull pen…FAST! She chased that chicken through the compound, dodging the Aunties and up the big baobab tree. But then…Lami fell! How can she catch chickens with a sprained ankle? Maybe there is another way to catch that chicken…

Told with great charm and humour, beautiful, vivid artwork is perfectly woven through the lively tale, bringing even more life to this wonderful story that young children will ask for again and again. Utterly delightful! Get a copy from LitVox by clicking here. Oh go on.

Picture Books for Summer! - Catch That Chicken!

Grandad’s Camper by Harry Woodgate

Every summer, a young girl visits Grandads’ cottage by the sea. It’s full of fruits and vegetables from the garden, places to hide and treasures from Grandads’ travels around the world with Gramps.

More than anything, she loves to hear the stories about the amazing adventures Grandad and Gramps had together. But Gramps is gone now. Grandad doesn’t feel like having adventures. Then one day, she has a wonderful idea to bring that missing spark back to Grandads’ life. They go to the garage, uncover the old camper van and…..

Acceptance and love is at the heart of this sweet story; tender, vibrant, joyous!

Over the Shop by JonArno Lawson; illustrated by Qin Leng

A lonely girl and her grandparent live behind their shop, with a flat above desperately in need of repair and love. They must find someone to move in, but none of the potential renters have the imagination to see the potential in the tatty and rundown space. Until one special couple come along.

With their resourceful and creativity, the little girls’ big heart and a lot of hard work, the nearly derelict fixer-upper changes, blooming into a place of warmth, welcome and family. And so does the shop and everything around it. A beautiful, wordless,  moving and joyous celebration of the power of community, filled with beautiful detail.

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The Grumpy Fairies by Bethan Stevens

We all think that fairies are good, kind, sweet…and a lot of them are. But some of the fairies, particularly the littlest ones, are GRUMPY. Proper grumpy! Foot stamping, pouty-lipped, not-going-to-do-it grumpy! They will not walk the snails or water the wildflowers! They will NOT help the little animals!

But Grumpy Fairies better watch out. There’s a hungry goblin in the wood…and Grumpy Fairies are his favourite food. Wonderful, silly and so much fun, a great take on toddler tantrums and unruly behaviour.

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Swim, Shark, Swim by Dom Conlon; illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou

As Shark swims, lost and searching off the western coast of Australia, he comes too close to the shore. A fishing boat suddenly drops its’ net and, sensing the danger, Shark escapes, opening “a tunnel of bubbles and light and…. swim, Shark, SWIM!” This lyrical poem wafts and washes across the reader, evoking a strong sense of the very oceans we travel through with Shark as he seeks home and food.

Interesting, wondrous, mesmerising and very true. Part of the Wild Wanderers series, this wondrous nature poem with stunning illustrations inspires curiosity and fascination. Beautiful!

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