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In an age when social media is king and the very concept of truth is being degraded, reading politics and society books has never been more important.

From economics and political classics to books exploring the impact of the internet and gender roles in society, there’s a wide range of brilliant titles here at LitVox.

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The Visibility Trap by Mary McGill

Social media is a new type of public space that has revolutionised the way women express themselves. It places the power of representation in female hands like no technology before. But this increased visibility looks both ways, with the gazed upon also gazing back through platforms designed for judgement and surveillance.

A man-made tool, social media is now deeply entwined with women’s lives in an always-on culture where new and intrusive forms of comparison, shaming and watchfulness are completely normalised and women’s bodies, minds and emotions are picked apart. While many are acutely aware of this ‘visibility trap’, taking ownership of it remains a minefield.

This is a must-read for anyone who loves or hates social media; for the guardians of future social media users and for anyone else who is still half-on, half-off this most twenty-first century of obsessions.

Pick up your copy of this eye-opening work from LitVox today.

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