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Ranger 22: Lessons from the Front


by Ray Goggins


Ranger 22: Lessons from the Front

One of the most profound and surprising bestsellers of the year. This is the story of one of the bravest and toughest men in the history of the Irish defence forces. Ranger 22 is our pick form Non-fiction book of the month September 2021. Pick it up now, reduced and on special price until October 14th! This one is almost guarenteed to be the best-selling book for dad’s across Ireland this Christmas. Get your copy from LitVox.

‘The path I have travelled, the things I have done and the people I have met in crisis situations have given me a window into those qualities that make us perform. My military training created a mindset, an outlook and skills that can be channelled into any situation.’

From the hills of south Lebanon to the monsoon jungles of Southern Asia…. Ray Goggins has operated in a life-and-death world. In the suffocating humidity of Liberia, the mountains of Afghanistan and the snow-covered Balkans, Ray has seen the best and worst qualities in himself and others. From conflict zones to terrorist attacks and hostage rescues, Ray has learned the greatest life lessons…. how to control fear, how to react calmly and positively and how to create a strong baseline from which to take action.

In this remarkable book he takes us on an exhilarating journey through his incredible caree. He draws on the valuable lessons to help all of us deal better with life, whatever the situation.

The perfect read for fitness-nuts, military-heads or anyone simply interested in stories of adventure.

About the Author

Ray Goggins served in the Irish Army for 26 years, including 17 years in the Army Ranger Wing as an operator and leader in a Tier 1 Special Operations Unit. He is currently chief instructor on RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell Week and director of a training and leadership company, Coreskill, working with various corporate organisations and teams.
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