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The Darkness Echoing


By Gillian O’Brien

From war to revolution, famine to emigration, The Darkness Echoing travels around Ireland bringing its dark past to life.

‘My history book of the year’ – Ryan Tubridy

The Darkness Echoing: Exploring Ireland’s Places of Famine, Death and Rebellion

It’s no secret that the Irish are obsessed with misery, suffering and death. And no wonder, for there is darkness everywhere you look: in cemeteries and castles, monuments and museums, stories and songs.

In The Darkness Echoing, Gillian O’Brien tours Ireland’s most deliciously dark heritage sites, delving into the stories behind them and asking what they reveal about the Irish.

Energetic, illuminating and surprisingly funny, The Darkness Echoing challenges old, accepted narratives about Ireland, and asks intriguing questions about Ireland’s past, present and future.

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