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“Forever Home is both the funniest and the darkest story I’ve tackled so far, with a cast of characters all trying their best to cope with the extraordinary challenges life has confronted them with.” – Graham Norton

With so many bestselling books over the last few years, Graham Norton has become an even bigger household name. The popularity of the books with the almost formulaic plot being set in small towns would seem almost too good to be true except the stories focus on characters that stick long after you’ve finished reading.

Norton’s new book is another truimph of small town life with hugely lovable charaters, a darkly comic plot, and the claustrophobia of past secrets coming into the light. 

Carol and Declan have found a second chance at love, but the small town gossips won’t leave them allow. Especially since Declan’s last wife mysteriously vanished years before. Things fall apart when Declan becomes ill. His children make Carol leave their shared home, forcing her to move back in with her parents. Carol’s mother is determined to find out why, and in doing so, discovers dark secrets and a sinister past.

At times the antics of the mother and daughter pair exceeds the suspension of disbelief, devovling into an almost buddy comedy of slapstick proportions. Norton manages to pull it back enough that it is still an enjoyable read with dark comic layers at its centre. 

With a fully developed cast, humour and a dark underbelly, Norton captures the complexities of family life, mother daughter relationships and the devastation of watching a love fade one too soon. As always Norton’s writing is funny and easily accessible. Norton writes with a confidence that makes this story an incredibly enjoyable read.