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Review: The Storm-Keepers Island by Catherine Doyle

Review: The Storm-Keepers Island by Catherine Doyle

Now that the third installment in this wonderful trilogy has been published, we look back at the wonderful children's novel that started all the magic...

Every so often a book comes along that wraps itself around you and uncovers your dreams. The Storm Keepers Island is that book.

When Fionn travels to Arranmore with his sister Tara; his ancestral home that stirs the moment he sets foot on its’ shores. It breathes and sighs, enveloping him with its’ winds; recognising him, though Fionn has never been there. But the island knows. The island remembers. Once in a generation, Arranmore itself chooses a Storm Keeper, guardian of secrets and memories; to wield its power and keep its magic safe from the ancient evil slumbering deep in a secret cave.

The time has come for Fionns’ grandfather, a secretive and eccentric old man to step aside as Storm Keeper and Fionn is blissfully unaware of the task and incredible dangers that lie ahead. Someone deep underground has been waiting for him, intent on rekindling an ancient war. The powerful, sinister magic is now awake, and Fionn must rise to meet its’ call.

As well as being an incredible magical adventure, this book takes us deep into the heart of family legacy, ancient Irish myth, the magic that lies within storms (and candles!), and home-coming. It is so poignant and filled with truth that the reader will instantly relate. A tale of an island and its’ past, it is filled with such stunning detail and enthralling adventure that it brings to life Arranmore and its’ people, both past and present. The island itself stands out as a character, painted vividly and with great feeling. It is filled with magic; the magic of love, compassion, memories; of curiosity, courage and determination.

With expert language use and sensory detail, Doyle creates a mood that is eerie and curious, while also revealing genuine joy and humour. A rare, beautiful gift; this is a story that will live on in the imagination long after you’ve put it down., Moving, enthralling and packed full of unforgettable characters, this book absolutely sings.

The Storm Keepers Island is the first in a trilogy that will blow you away. With the third and final instalment out now, this is the moment to read them all; The Storm Keepers Island, The Lost Tide Warriors, The Storm Keepers Battle.

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