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Spring is here and picture books are popping up all over! With their bright, bold illustrations and fantastic adventures and journeys, they bring new joy; new smiles and laughter and some new poignant, heartfelt messages as we look out on to greener landscapes and brighter skies. Are you ready?

Scout’s Best Day Ever! A Doggy Adventure Around Ireland by Jennifer Farley

Ireland is one of the very best places to visit, especially if you already live here! Scout’s Best Day Ever by Jennifer Farley (O’Brien Press) sees exuberant pup, Scout join on a holiday all around Ireland. Scouts’ best friend Cat is staying at home with Gran. . (Cat doesn’t care….maybe.) 

Scout will miss Cat and promises to send a postcard of all his adventures every single day. There’s so much to see and do, each day seems better than the last! Where will Scout find his best day ever? Illustrations filled with imaginative detail, happy mishaps and the joy of friendship and homecoming will get you planning!

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Or perhaps a wander around the woodland? In Fletcher and the Caterpillar by Julia Rawlinson & Tiphanie Beeke (Graffeg, Ltd) as he roams through the wood, Fletcher notices all the joys of Spring. Everything is growing greener and bigger…except for one little leaf, which seems to be getting smaller.

As Fletcher peaks under the leaf, he spies a tiny caterpillar But what kind of games does Caterpillar like to play? Despite all of Fletchers’ great ideas, all Caterpillar really wants to do is munch that leaf…until something strange begins to happen. Caterpillar may have a wonderful surprise for him.

Flowing, lyrical, alive with light and colour, a gentle, wondrous exploration of the world outside.

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Some of us have a little trouble paying attention to where we’re going. In Follow Me, Flo! by Jarvis (Walker Books) a very mischievous little duckling always wandering off and never quite following directions. Daddy Duck thinks singing a “Travel Song” is the way to keep Flo near when they go to visit Auntie Jenna.

Flo loves to sing her own version of the song. Oh no! Before she realises, Flo is lost! And a big, mean fox is lurking around her! Can she remember the words to Daddys’ song and find her way back? Wonderfully rhyming and adventurous, bright and free illustrations in springtime colours; a joyously cautionary tale!

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And speaking of cautionary tales, Maybe…. By Chris Haughton (Walker Books) pays a visit to three little monkeys left to their own devices. They are supposed to stay right where they are. There are tigers about. But the mango tree is so nearby and they don’t see any tigers. Maybe it’ll be okay. And mangoes are so delicious.

Wait! Did you hear something? Run, monkeys, run! Lots of drama, action and hilarious fun is waiting in this quirky and vivid journey into the jungle by one of Irelands’ favourite picturebook creators. Brilliant for even the smallest book-lovers.

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There’s more jungle adventure to be had in Howard the Average Gecko by Wendy Meddour & Carmen Saldana (OUP). Howard thinks he’s the most special, most extraordinary creature in the rainforest. Why? Because he’s camouflaged! Howard is sure he is the only one; completely unique among all the other creatures.

But when he discovers a vast array of camouflaged animals all around him, Howard wonders…who will love him if he’s just an average gecko? Gorgeous, detailed illustrations and a funny, expressive story remind us that you don’t have to be ‘exceptional’; you are perfect just as you are.

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Even on the brightest of Spring days, the world can be a scary place. In IMAGINE! By Patricia Forde & Elína Braslina (Little Island) a little girl decides to tell her Grandma a big secret. She’s afraid of pirates! And a lot of other things, too. But Grandma has the answer to get rid of her fears; there’s no fear that the power of imagination can’t fix. But what about the little girls’ biggest fear of all?

A warm, cosy relationship between generations is highlighted with wisdom, adding an element of joy and laughter. Sweet, charming and bold, this is a story teaching that if we use our imagination and remember to see the funny side, we can conquer any fear.

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This has been a weird year for us all, but we need to celebrate that children have risen to the challenge. Molly and the Lockdown by Malachy Doyle & Andrew Whitson (Graffeg, Ltd.) tells of what happened when word reached Mollys’ home of the illness and no one is allowed on or off the island. 

Even though they’ve all been very careful, the virus reaches them and Molly pitches in! She does the washing and cleaning, takes care of the chickens and ducks. She gets on with her school work and practicing the fiddle. Molly even makes masks for the islanders while her mum is out with Nurse Ellen. And eventually after a long, long time…things get better and the lockdown eases.

Seen from Molly’s unique perspective, this is a story filled with empathy and quiet determination. A hug of a book; hopeful, happy, reassuring and simply lovely.

So there we have it! Seven of the best picturebooks blooming this Spring! With adventures, friendship and feeling, get ready to plant flowers of happiness while reading with your little ones .

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