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Teenage and Young Adult Fiction

Welcome to our teenage and young adult fiction page!

Teenage and young adult fiction has exploded in recent years, both in terms of quality and quantity. Whether crime, fantasy, romance or social dramas are your thing, there’s an incredible range of brilliant teen fiction to choose from at LitVox.

Our Children’s book team is headed up by Mary Esther Judy, probably the greatest kids’ bookseller in the world. Her incredible insights and reviews of teenage and young adult books can be found at Fallen Star Stories. Check it out!

Brand new teenage and young adult fiction

Our Favourite Teen & YA Titles

Inspiring Voices and Helping Hands

Brilliant Teenage Fantasy and Sci-Fi

LitVox Recommends...

Truth be Told by Sue Divin

One of the most brilliant Irish YA books for many years.

The author of the acclaimed Guard Your Heart returns to the sectarian divide of Northern Ireland with a searing and compassionate account of family secrets, religious difference and suppressed sexuality.

Get your copy of this brilliant novel here.

YA Romance

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