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The Best Children's Books for Christmas 2022

The year is almost finished and what a year for children’s books! Trying to pick our ten favourite books has never been so difficult but we finally managed to whittle down our very long list to just ten books! And what an amazing list it is! For your little bookworms and older readers too, there is something for everyone!

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re hoping that our list will help you pick the perfect titles for your little readers, and remember; we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over €20!!!

Set above and below the streets of Paris in 1888, The Chestnut Roaster is a brilliant adventure story about courage, sibling relationships and catacombs. Evocative and captivativating, this historical mystery draws the reader into beautiful settings and incredible adventure while following Piaf, who never forgets anything, and her brother Luc, as they try to figure out why everyone in Paris seems to have forgotten the entire previous year. 

With well drawn characters and wonderful storytelling, McDonnell has once again created a story world your little ones will want to visit again and again! 

Buy The Chestnut Roaster here, and Eve’s debut, Elsetimehere! And read our interveiw with Eve here

This wonderful book encourages every child to go bravely into the world and seek out adventures, to be brave and kind and hopeful. Every child we’ve given it to has declared it their favourite book which we think alone is a great review. The illustrations by Daniel Egneus are stunning with sweeping landscapes and gorgeous art that any reader, child or adult, will adore. A perfect Christmas gift for all the young readers in your life!!

Buy Be Wild, Little One here and read our interview with Olivia here

A sentively told tale of homelessness, The Truth About Riley captures the difficulty of surviving being homeless in a weel written and effective way. 

When Riley’s father dies, she discovers that he left so much debt that her mother loses the house. Homeless and trying to hide it from her wealthy friends, Riley struggles to survive. Beautifully told, heartwrenching but sweet at times, this book is perfect for younger teenagers. 

Buy The Truth About Riley here!

With Irish folklore seeping through the pages of this wonderful story, The Lost Girl King is a beautifully written book that captures the adventure and joy of sibling relationships and magical realms. Our November Children’s Book of the Month, it is the perfect gift for readers big and small!

Caught in a trap after they find the entrance to Tir na nOg, Amy sets off to find her brother Liam, and causes a rebellion as she does. With an wonderfully built world, incredible storytelling and brillinat humour, this book is perfect as a stocking filler! 

Buy The Lost Girl King here

Oh how we love this book!! At LitVox, we’re big believers in the fact that you shouldn’t have to read down to kids; if you find something funny, you can be sure they’ll find it funny. And this book is very, VERY funny. 

The Vasylenko family are adventurers. They all love the wet and the wild, the thrill of exploring the outside world. All that is … except Oktober. He prefers the warm and safe comfort of the inside world, and for his adventures to take place between the pages of a book. But tomorrow, Oktober has to join his family on a trek into the slimy, grimy and climby wild, where he sees only danger and worry and fears a creature called “The Wilderness”! Failing to keep his wits about him could be dangerous though – it may even get him a bit … lost. But perhaps getting lost is just what Oktober needs to find himself and maybe even make an unexpected friend.

The Wilderness is a wild and wondrous story of true bravery and discovering friendship in the most unexpected of places, perfect for adventurers and the more timid alike. Get your copy here…

Following in the footsteps of The Great Irish Science Book and Irelandopedia, The Great Irish History Book is Myles Dungan’s wonderfully illustrated and incredibly fun journey through the Irish past.  

Take an historical trip back in time to visit the ancient celts, sail away on a famine ship or join the 1916 rebels in the GPO. Discover leaders, thinkers and fighters and learn how our ancestors lived and worked in forts, castles and cottages.

Irish history is….well, let’s face it, fairly full of death, misery, and potatoes. But this brilliant workoffers children afun and engaging overview of the timelines and bigger ideas that make up the character of our nation. A beautiful gift book that will be treasured forever.

Get your copy here and get it shipped for FREE!

A beautiful retelling of Irish stories, this gorgeous book is perfect for little and big readers! Aimed at 9-12 year olds, these re-imagined myths encompass so many wonderful but forgotten stories across Irish history. From a gender fluid spy standing up to an army, to a supernatural scholar and a shape shifting eco-warrior,  these stories are about courage, adventure and being true to yourself! Perfect for any young reader! 

With amazing illustrations and captivating storytelling, this is a book every young girl and boy deserves this Christmas! 

Buy Girls Who Slay Monsters: Daring Tales of Ireland’s Forgotten Goddesses here!

Rachel Bright and Jim Field are our favourite picture book duo here at LitVox. Their books are really good fun for adults as well as little ones, and each one of them contains a beautiful lesson. From The Lion Inside, which shows us that even the smallest of us can be big and brave, to The Squirrels Who Squabbled, which teaches us the value of getting along wioth one another, these books will be treasured by families long after you’ve finished them.

In The Gecko and The Echo, Goldy the Gecko wants one thing, and one thing only – to be a STAR. On the sunny island this gecko calls home, it’s always THE GOLDY SHOW, morning ’til night.

But when you’re dazzled by the limelight, it’s easy to lose sight of the world around you. And when Goldy’s performance starts to go wrong, the little gecko discovers that friendship means so much more than fame. Because when you treat the world with love, then love will come echoing back.

The start of a thrilling new World War Two mystery series from the number-one-bestselling and multi-award-winning author of Murder Most Unladylike.

Britain is at war, and a secret arm of the British government called the Ministry of Unladylike Activity is training up spies. Enter May Wong: courageous, smart, stubborn – and desperate to do whatever she can to help end the war, so she can go home to Hong Kong. May knows that there is no one more perfect to become a spy than a child. A child can go places, see things and listen in on conversations in a way that no adult ever can.

When May and her friend Eric are turned away by the Ministry, they take matters into their own hands. Masquerading as evacuees, May and Eric arrive at Elysium Hall, home to the wealthy Verey family. It soon becomes clear that one of the family is passing information to Germany. May and Eric know if they can gather enough evidence on their suspect, the Ministry will have to take them on.

But there are more secrets at Elysium Hall than May or Eric could ever have imagined. And then, someone is murdered…

Mab’s mum is obsessed with fairies – she even named Mab after the Fairy Queen! Their flat is full of fairy ornaments, tiny fairy furniture and they’ve even got fairy lights in the toilet. Mab doesn’t quite get it, but she knows that fairies make her mum happy, especially after Dad left.

When Mab comes into school with a new fairy dress on her birthday, her teacher gives her a book all about Victorian fairies. She reads it with her mum and her little brother Robin, and she’s surprised to see the drawings inside are nothing like the sweet fairies she imagined. But the biggest surprise of all is a tiny thing that tumbles out of the pages of the book…

A magical, captivating story about fairies, families and friendship from the brilliant, award-winning Jacqueline Wilson. Get your copy from LitVox now!

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