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Check out the very best of BookTok at LitVox!!

#BookTok is changing the way we read, changing the way we discover books and even the way bookshops stock their shelves. At LitVox, we think this is an AMAZING development. It means that authors who may have remained undiscovered are getting the recognition they deserve. It means genres and styles that may have been relatively small-time are now read by the public at large.

Above all, it means that people young and old are reading more. That has long been our goal here at LitVox, so check out what’s hot on BookTok with our specialist page dedicated to all things BookTok!!

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LitVox Recommends...

Magnolia Parks by Jessa Hastings

She is a beautiful, affluent, self-involved and mildly neurotic London socialite. He is Britain’s most photographed bad-boy who broke her heart.

Magnolia Parks and BJ Ballentine are meant to be, and everyone knows it.

Get your copy of this brilliant novel here.

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