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From the best cookery titles from world-renowned chefs to healthy eating guides, cookbooks for complete novices to baking books for experts, you’ll find something for every foodie and wannabe-chef-superstar here.

We also have a range of Cookery Books from around the world so you can learn to prepare tantalising tapas, sumptious soups or exotic curries. Get browsing! If you don’t see the cookery book you’re searching for, get in touch with us, we can order it for you quicker than it takes to beat an egg.

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The Cook and the Baker

Who can resist exquisite hummingbird cake, delicate red velvet cake or decadent chocolate salted caramel brownies? Remember the pleasure of an after-school indulgence of Louise cake, peanut butter cookies or a crispy sausage roll?

In this mouth-watering collection of foolproof recipes, the geniuses behind busy cafe/bakery The Cook and Baker provides everything you need to take your home baking up a notch. Crowd-pleasing creations that cater for modern tastes but stay true to the nostalgia of your childhood.

Slip on an apron, preheat the oven – your household is in for a treat.

You can pick up your copy of this fantastic book here.

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