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Science Fiction and fantasy books at LitVox Ireland

Welcome to our Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Page

Great Science Fiction and fantasy books push the boundaries of human imagination, as well as providing constant inspiration for some of the greatest movies and TV shows in history.

Whether you’re looking for the latest science fiction from around the world, cult classics or the next great epic fantasy series to sink your teeth into, we’ve got you covered here at LitVox.

New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

LitVox Sci-Fi Favourites

LitVox Recommends...

Project Hail Mary by Andrew Weir

An instant science-fiction classic, charting the desperate last-chance mission of a lone astronaut to safeguard our planet, Project Hail Mary is a riveting interstellar adventure from the bestselling author of The Martian. An astounding work of imaginative power.

Get your copy of this brilliant novel here.

First in Series - Get Stuck into an Epic New Fantasy Series

The LitVox Other Worlds Subscription

Are you obsessed with Science Fiction and Fantasy books? Love getting stuck into an epic, sweeping series? Then you REALLY need to check out the LitVox Other Worlds Subscription. Every month, LitVox will select only the very best science fiction and fantasy books, and deliver them right to your door.

This subscription makes a brilliant gift for avid sci-fi fans. It’s also excellent value and highly customisable. If you only readscience fiction and don’t like fantasy, or prefer reading short, snappy novels compared to huge, sprawling epics, it’s easy to set up this subscription to suit any needs.