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LitVox is Launching!!

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The LitVox Team

Hello World!!!

So after months of prep, LitVox is finally ready to launch! For all of those who have thrown their support, knowledge and good vibes our way over the past year, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For the rest of you, who have no idea what LitVox is, HELLO!

Here’s the story. LitVox is a collective of booksellers, book-nuts and ink-sniffers who’s main goal is to bring the joy of reading to as many people as possible. LitVox’s aim is to become the number one spot online for all things book-related, whether you’re buying books, looking for the latest news & reviews, recommendations or gifts. Read on to see what LitVox has to offer. 

Personalised Book Recommendations

LitVox offers book recommendations. Big Deal, you might say. But what LitVox offers is personalised and tailored to each individual customer. Unlike Amazon, LitVox doesn’t promote sponsored items. And unlike so many other online retailers, we don’t rely on algorithms which can often end up recommending books to you that have almost nothing to do with your tastes and preferences. Instead, a member of our team will carefully consider each request for advice, and give you back a detailed list of books, along with reasons why we think you’ll love them.

LitVox will provide you with a list of books you'll love, based entirely on your tastes.

How it works...

Let’s say for example that you’ve found a novel that you’ve really loved, or a TV show that’s got you hooked, or a movie that left you spellbound. Simply tell us about what you like, and we’ll recommend similar stuff, it’s that simple! You can get your book recommendations here. LitVox are also here to help you find gifts for the readers in your life. Our team of booksellers are well used to seeing bemused people wander into bookshops looking for a gift for a friend or family member, but where do you start? Books can be such a difficult gift idea to get right, as people have such varied personal tastes. That’s where we come in. Our team have decades of bookselling experience, and have spent years helping people find just the right books to give as gifts. Simply tell us a little bit about who you’re buying for, and we’ll do the rest. Fill out the questionnaire, and within 24 hours you’ll receive a detailed list of gift ideas, based on the info you’ve given us. We can even gather the books together for you, gift-wrap them and send them wherever in the world you like (aren’t we great?). Getting kids reading is a huge part of our mission here at LitVox, so we also offer a Kids recommendations service. 

We're trying something new...

A quick word about our recommendations service before you try it though. We’re passionate about getting people reading. We believe that reading more leads to better mental health, a calmer, more focused lifestyle, and also makes you a big sexy smarty-pants. To that end, LitVox does not accept sponsorship from publishers, or base it’s recommendations on what we’re trying to sell, like Amazon and chain retailers. We have one job, to find YOU exactly what you’re looking for. We are booksellers first and foremost, so we won’t inject our own tastes or biases into your recommendations. Our service will continue to operate FOR FREE. However, if you do find yourself ecstatically happy with our work, you can support us on Patreon, or follow the link on your recommendations to make a one-off donation (a month’s worth of reading is surely worth the price of a coffee, right?). 

The LitVox Studio

Books are our thing. But so is art. And jam sandwiches. But mostly it’s books and art. LitVox want to celebrate great books by creating wonderfully original artworks based on some of the greatest books ever written. We’ve worked with dozens of independent artists and designers to create wonderful, book-based art for all ages and tastes. 

These prints make amazing and thoughtful gifts for book lovers, and can be bought framed or unframed, gift-wrapped, and sent anywhere in the world you like. We offer personalised gift bundles, greetings cards, and you can even buy the book to go along with your print from our online bookstore. Our studio is growing all the time. LitVox are always on the lookout for artists and designers with a passion for books, and you can get discover more about how to get involved here.

A montage of prints available from the LitVox studio
A few of the original prints available from the LitVox studio.

News & Reviews

Want to keep up with the newest releases, reviews and news from the world of books? LitVox is your new buddy. We vow to become the top spot online for book news, to have reviews before anybody else, and to bring you fresh exciting content every day.

Our diverse team are constantly reviewing books to suit all our of our readers. Fiction/crime/sci-fi & fantasy/history/biography/politics/music/cookery/kids books (Everything!) we’ve got a dedicated team member for every genre. 

As we grow and progress, LitVox will bring you podcasts, interviews, competitions and events, so keep watching this space…


News & Reviews
The LitVox team will bring you the latest news, reviews and journalism from the publishing world.

So that’s us! We’re delighted to be starting on this journey, and extremely excited to get as many people as possible to fall in love with reading. Please try our recommendations service, shop our studio for gifts or check out our news and reviews. And please, (Please!!!) if you love our service, which we’re sure you will, please shout the news from the hilltops. We’re just starting out on this journey, so every like, review and share we can muster is a huge help.

Bye for now!